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We are a GRC platform that offers complete access and strong control to the largest companies and worldwide organizations to help them enforce IT operations to control risk management and expand profits.


Financial services

A team of professionals helps you to reduce risks and eliminate excess costs and guides your organization towards improving financial regulations by adopting different types of audits that are effectively applied.


A unique approach to risk management and auditing while linking all of your organization's internal and external activities; To create an easy-to-configure financing environment.


We enable you to have an intelligent system to support all the insurance operations in your organization by replacing and transforming your old systems into new advanced ones.

Financial market

In a market whose sky has no limits; Build your business and financial services on the best platform in the business.

Get solutions made just for you We're here to help you modernize your (GRC) processes without the need for multiple staff; with the Best quality and lowest cost.

Professional risk management without loss

Pianat, develops and manages an innovative Suptech/AI platform for G2B data exchange based on international standards and frameworks that provides tools for those entities to better carry out their GRC, ESG and other reporting mandates and harness the benefits of the collective wisdom.

Authorities, agencies and businesses in Emerging markets lack effectiveness in operations, communication and compliance due to manual operations managing and processing huge amounts of data that affects their financial and market gains.

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